Mission Statement

Mount Pleasant's Elite Dance Studio
Since 2005

Coastal Elite Dance / Cambridge Street Dance Academy was founded based on the belief that high quality dance instruction should be available to children and youth. It is our belief that all ages benefit from dance training whether or not they have professional ambitions. The poise and self confidence gained through dance help students throughout their lives in whatever they encounter.

We provide traditional training as well as implementing the latest dance techniques. Group and individual attention, plus the analysis of a student’s abilities and progress by an experienced and professional instructor, are very important factors in the progress and success of any dancer. This philosophy is reflected in the fact that all classes are taught only by the most qualified instructors.  Class sizes are limited for the benefit of the student to receive better individualized attention. 


We have been proudly serving the Mt. Pleasant community for over a decade!

About   Us

Coastal Elite Dance
Coastal Elite Dance
offers a wide range of classes  for ages 5 & up
Contemporary Dance

We believe teaching Dance & Performing Arts encourages individual development and potential for creativity.  We believe that supporting and encouraging each student's talents & efforts to succeed has a life long impact.

  • Located off of Long Point Road (same shopping center as Planet Fitness)

  • Large Viewing Window

  • Large Lobby with Separate Dancer's Lounge

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Dance Masters of America Certified
Dance Masters of America
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